Parenting Principal

Our goal is to support parents to feel the best that they can as they raise their children. Using over 15 years of experience as a school principal your work with the Parenting Principal will include open and confidential conversations about questions and concerns about parenting, strategies to balance school and work, and discussion on how to raise independent and thoughtful children while offering general moral support. 

Support With

  • Life in school
  • Time management and routines
  • Parenting a spirited or gifted or not currently listening child
  • Backward parenting
  • Co-parenting after divorce or separation and parenting blended families

While the world is constantly changing around us children need consistency in routine, love, and guidance as well as skills to become independent for their age and development.”



  • 22 year Educator
  • Navigate between public & independent school education
  • Work with regular education, special education, gifted, twice-exceptional populations
  • Skilled in education leadership, curriculum, and supporting families
  • Active Administrative certification Michigan and New Jersey
  • Active K-8 teaching certification Michigan
  • Parent of 2 teenagers

Family Life

Parenting Principal is working to help families find a successful path through the ever-changing dynamics within the home.  The additional stress that the current state of schools is putting on families can feel overwhelming. Created to help parents feel more confident in the decisions they make in parenting their children, Parenting Principal can work with you to provide structure to school, your children’s activities, and life around the home.

Life In School

School has never looked quite like this yet we want to make sure our children are receiving the best education possible.  The Parenting Principal has 22 years of working in schools and will help you review your child’s schedule to identify any gaps in learning needs and share suggestions for how to fill the gaps.

Spirited Child

Over the years parents have worked with the Parenting Principal to help understand how to “win” as parents at home.  The spirited child often does not want to hear “no” yet we know its’s important as parents to have discipline.  The Parenting Principal will help you create strategies to parent the spirited child in your house

Building Routine

September comes around and many people will say how happy they are that there is a routine again in their household. As much as we enjoy summer, we often lose routine because school, sports, and general activities are missing completely or are not as common.  The Parenting Principal will work with you to develop year-round routines that fit your family.  These routines will stay consistent and allow you to move in and out of school time and activities as they come and go throughout the year. 

"Backward Parenting"

The Parenting Principal coined this phrase after watching the majority of parents focus their time on parenting during the early years, ages birth – 11.  Parents are around to care for their children (possibly stepping out of the workforce) and then step away a bit more as their children were in school and growing older.  Those years are just as critical if not more critical for parents to be present and able to give of their time during the ages of 12-18.  Parenting Principal will help you parent through social/emotional issues.

Divorce, Separation, Co-Parenting

Parenting through divorce and separation can be difficult. The Parenting Principal can offer support and ideas to help build strong co-parenting skills to help children at all ages.


We did not just rely on Jen for help with our son in school – we have turned to her numerous times for advice and counsel on how to parent our children, communicate with them, and build better relationships with them. We did not only depend on Jen to assist our children with what they needed for school in terms of encouraging their love of learning – we could trust that she would be guiding them to become better citizens, more caring friends, and better versions of themselves.
Claire, parent

The greatest gift an educator can give to their students is confidence – and that is what Jen Kendall did for our son Silas. Jen fostered an environment of love and learning that allowed him to accept not only himself but for others. The formative years can be messy; however, Jen helps parents navigate with patience, knowledge, and acceptance.
Hillary, parent